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Britney Bagley Physical Therapy Assistant, NeuroRestorative Maine

One of many examples of Britney’s problem-solving abilities is her work with a Veteran served by NeuroRestorative. This gentleman had bi-lateral below-the-knee amputations and had refused to walk for months; to the point that his ability to tolerate his prosthetics was significantly reduced and he became more reliant on a wheelchair for mobility. Britney searched tirelessly for solutions and found hope through this individual’s VA benefits, which he had not fully utilized. She assisted him with signing up for a program that fitted him for swim fins to help him start an aquatic exercise program! The program also offered updated prosthetic legs which are lighter and easier to use. Britney assisted him with every step, from filling out paperwork to being fitted for the new devices. This Veteran is now participating fully in therapy and walking with Britney’s assistance.