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Colleen McDaniel Senior Payroll Coordinator, NeuroRestorative South Region

Colleen works diligently to ensure employees are paid correctly and timely.  She never complains, always has a smile on her face and is known for her willingness to help her coworkers.  Both of the employees who nominated Colleen noted one particular situation as a shining example of her passion and commitment.  When a colleague’s illness kept her out of work for several weeks around the winter holidays, Colleen did not hesitate to step in.  She worked holidays, nights and weekends to ensure that not only her responsibilities were taken care of, but also those of her ill coworker.  This meant that 1,000 employees were paid as expected at this crucial time of year.

“While Colleen does not work directly with participants, she is always there to help and support those employees who do by ensuring they are paid correctly and timely – and to those folks, she truly is a hero,” said Paula Hutcherson, Business Manager, NeuroRestorative Florida.