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Elizabeth Lauzon Case Manager, NeuroRestorative Massachusetts

Elizabeth’s (Liz) standard of going above and beyond is the norm.  She is involved in every aspect of our participants’ lives, from the day she goes out to clinically evaluate them for placement to the actual move in day.  Liz jumps right into all aspects of the participants’ lives once they are in our programs and does so without any hesitation.  She wears many hats – a transportation provider, a counselor, a fill in Residential Supervisor, but most importantly a consistent advocate.  She utilizes her vast array of contacts and skills to obtain necessary resources and appointments and goes out of her way to prepare activities for enrichment of our participants’ lives.  When she isn’t bettering the lives of the TBI participants that NeuroRestorative serves, she is doing work for the Brain injury Association to seek assistance for other individuals with TBI.