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Marta Ketter Speech-Language Pathologist, NeuroRestorative Illinois

In addition to her role as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Marta heads up the Employee Appreciation Committee at NeuroRestorative Illinois in Carbondale. She is continuously looking for creative ways to recognize staff efforts. Marta is also a skilled presenter who has been instrumental in the development and delivery of a monthly staff training program that focuses on the individualized needs of those with swallowing disorders. Additionally, Marta developed a training titled Cultural Differences and Rehabilitation, a Hispanic View, which she has presented nationally. As Spanish is her first language, Marta is often called upon to help bridge the communication gap between caregiver and the person being served as a Certified Medical Interpreter. She recently volunteered to take time out of her busy schedule to provide communication assistance to a young man served in Carbondale. This young man’s mother is from the same area of Guatemala as Marta, and they speak the same dialect. Marta is  the only connection this individual has with his mother, who lives more than four hours away from the program.