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Robert Russell Quality Assurance Analyst, NeuroRestorative

Robert began his career with NeuroRestorative as a Life Skills Trainer working with our adolescent participants.  Never without a shortage of new and innovative ideas, Robert has excelled beyond expectation in his role on the outcomes team since 2013.  He developed the dashboard database system that is used to teach programs, secure funding and demonstrate the great care NeuroRestorative provides each day.  Robert understands the demands that programs face and is able to assist staff by helping manage their data for improved outcomes.  All of his work is completed knowing that reliable outcomes allow the company to ensure that our programs and specialized facilities are well equipped to effectively treat individuals with brain and spinal cord injuries.  His commitment to quality results in outcome measurements to help both our payors and families assess what is working to guide adjustments and ensure the best care possible for those we serve.  To pay it forward, Robert trains interns from Southern Illinois University and provides countless hours to the betterment of students at all levels.