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Jim Haake and Steve Miller Facilities Operations Director, NeuroRestorative Carbondale; Maintenance Staff, NeuroRestorative Florida

7 years of service with NeuroRestorative; 13 years of service with NeuroRestorative

No matter the task, Steve Miller and Jim Haake are always willing to lend a hand when needed. As Facilities Operations Director, Steve teamed up with Jim, a Maintenance Staff member, to assist the NeuroRestorative Georgia program with an issue that resulted in significant damage to a program. When NeuroRestorative Georgia had a challenge securing an outside vendor, Steve and Jim decided to take the task upon themselves. After quickly booking airline tickets, both Steve and Jim arrived in Georgia ready to help; they ripped out the walls and solved the problem. Their willingness, professionalism and team player spirit are just a few of the reasons they have been selected as joint recipients of this quarter’s NeuroRestorative Heroes Award.