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Announcing the FY19 Q4 NeuroRestorative Heroes

NeuroRestorative Heroes is an employee recognition program that celebrates team members whose actions make them a hero to those we serve or their colleagues. Each quarter, the program recognizes six outstanding employees for their dedication to the individuals we serve.

At NeuroRestorative, we are proud to have an amazing team of employees working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of people with brain, spinal cord or medically complex injury, illnesses and other challenges. From clinicians to direct care workers to administrative support staff, everyone in the NeuroRestorative family plays an important part in ensuring the delivery of services that enhance quality of life. We strive to ensure all our employees feel valued, supported and recognized for the important work that they do.

“The NeuroRestorative Heroes program is a great way to recognize and thank our valued employees,” said Bill Duffy, President of NeuroRestorative. “On behalf of everyone at NeuroRestorative, I want to thank all of our passionate and dedicated employees and congratulate this quarter’s Heroes.”

Q4 NeuroRestorative Heroes

Stacie Elkins

LPN, NeuroRestorative Florida
8 Years with NeuroRestorative

Stacie is a caring employee with a heart for serving others. She is willing to work outside her regularly scheduled hours to cover shifts or take individuals to doctors’ appointments, ensuring they get the care they need. She goes on outings with individuals so they can enjoy a special day, including coming into work early at least once a month so an individual can go on his monthly fishing trip. Stacie is fully committed to helping ensure that the people we support have everything they need while on their rehabilitation journey with us.

“She will always put the safety and health of the individuals we serve first, and for this she is my hero.” – Mary Radcliffe, Program Manager 

Nicole Restauri

Life Skills Trainer, NeuroRestorative Texas
5 Years with NeuroRestorative

Nicole has a passion for getting to know each individual who comes through the doors of the program. She takes time to get to know each person and what makes them who they are as individuals so that she can best support them.

With her strong work ethic and her uplifting and positive energy, she demonstrates each day that her first priority is to ensure that the individuals we serve are well supported. She makes everyone feel welcome and gives hope to those on their recovery journey.

“It has been my honor to get to know Nicole and watch her grow as a caregiver and individual as a whole. She should be recognized for the diligence and love she brings to the table.” – Brandy Fortner, Activities Coordinator

Sheila Woychowski

Team Lead, NeuroRestorative Maine
2 Years with NeuroRestorative

Sheila is described by her colleagues as their go-to person and a true leader in every sense of the word. She is the person they know to call any time of day or night when there is a need. She is always the first person to ask what she can do to help.

She works to build strong relationships with all individuals served, families and staff and is known for surprising individuals with their favorite beverages or snacks to brighten their day. She is selfless, thoughtful, kind and empathetic to everyone she encounters.

“Sheila has a wealth of knowledge in this field and always makes time to teach others what she knows.” – Cassidy Cates, Team Lead

Lisa Martinez

Assistant Director of Nursing, NeuroRestorative California
5 Years with NeuroRestorative

Lisa has a passion for patient advocacy. She works tirelessly with insurers to get needed treatments authorized so that individuals can receive the best care for their needs, whether that means getting them access to medical services or ensuring that they are able to complete their rehabilitation in the program and move on to the next phase of their recovery when they are ready. Her advocacy for these individuals shows how much she cares and is proof of her commitment to helping them meet their recovery goals. In addition to her duties as Assistant Director of Nursing, she made the time to study for and pass the test to become a Certified Brain Injury Specialist in order to better support the individuals we serve.

“Lisa has proven herself a warrior for patient advocacy, as well as a staunch supporter of her profession. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of recognition.” – David Fuhler, Director of Nursing\Administrator

Mary Carmen Herrera

Activity Director, NeuroRestorative California
23 Years with NeuroRestorative

Because of her dedication to service and hard work, Carmen has gained the love and respect of her colleagues as well as individuals and family members. Many times she has rearranged her schedule because family members requested assistance with a therapeutic home visit or a small gathering for individual’s birthday. A Certified Nursing Assistant in addition to being the program’s Activity Director, she has pitched in to provide nursing support on weekends or night shifts, even being willing to help with cooking and housekeeping if needed. She does all this with a smile and a heart of compassion for the people we serve.

“The families have grown very fond of Carmen. Her sincere depth of loyalty and work ethic are something to be admired and cherished.” – Lana Contraman, Administrative Assistant

Nancy Devi

Life Skills Trainer, NeuroRestorative Iowa
1 Year with NeuroRestorative

Nancy comes to work every day with a good attitude, looking for ways to help the individuals stay engaged and channel their energy in fun ways. She can often be found organizing craft and painting projects that give them a means of expressing themselves creatively. The individuals in the program can always count on her to give them the emotional support they need. When someone is having a difficult time, she helps them find positive ways to work through behavioral challenges. Regardless of the need, Nancy goes out of her way to provide compassionate support to the people we serve each day.

“All of her coworkers love to work with her, and we are so very happy to have her as a part of our team.” – Katherine Baldon, Residential Supervisor