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NeuroRestorative’s Novi program offers a supportive environment for individuals who wish to develop or regain vocational skills. Our caring and specially trained staff help address the behavioral, cognitive, emotional, physical and social needs which often accompany a challenge such as a traumatic brain injury. We have created a unique therapeutic work setting to ensure that individuals have the support necessary for success. Each work assignment varies in cognitive and physical complexity. This variety allows us to customize work to each individual’s ability level and provide an appropriate progression of challenges while accommodating physical needs and creating an ergonomically supportive work environment.

We also offer a rich and comprehensive Creative Therapy program as an extension of our therapeutic vocational services. Individuals have the opportunity to explore their own creative expression through woodworking, ceramics, painting and product development projects.  Our programs harness the real world of work and productive activity as a fun and functional therapeutic opportunity, realizing sustainable outcomes that are used in vocational pursuits.

We encourage each individual to live a healthy, active lifestyle. We offer both group fitness classes and individualized fitness programs, providing each person with appropriate support and accommodations, while encouraging maximum safe independence. We work with each individual’s physical therapists, facilitating at-home physical therapy programs during the work day.

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