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Success Stories

A Real Life Hero: Drew McKinney Puts His Life on the Line to Save His Friend

In March of 2010, Drew McKinney went on a routine hike with seven friends, not knowing his life would forever change within a blink of an eye. One of Drew’s friends slipped on the hill, causing her to fall, and she was lucky enough to grab onto a tree while falling down the mountain. Drew rushed down to grab her and push her to safety, only to then fall himself — 87 feet. He saved his friend’s life. Unfortunately, drew was left with broken bones in his face and body and suffered a brain injury. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was in a coma for five months.

Drew was unable to walk, see out of his right eye and had impaired speech. Knowing the active life Drew has lived, Drew’s family was determined to get him into a rehabilitation program that would get him back to his active life as an outdoorsman. So, drew came to our Ashland, KY, program to work on Occupational, Physical, Speech, Cognitive Therapy, and daily life skills. In addition, Drew’s injury has caused him to read and see everything upside down, although he has not let that stop him from pursuing his dreams.

Drew continues to do exceptionally well in his therapies in our residential program, which has prepared him to expand his education at Ashland Community College and plan to become an occupational therapist assistant. Drew hopes his story can motivate others not to let certain circumstances stop them from pursuing their dreams. Drew is passionate about sharing his story and has given a speech at the Frankfort, KY, State Capital in advocacy for TBI. In addition, he remains in touch with the woman he saved, who is doing well and has started her own family.

Success Stories