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“My name is Deborah and I have a child at Timber Ridge. Her name is Amber Nicole. She was in an ATV accident in 2008. I met Mrs. Sara McDonald at Three Rivers Nursing Home in Marked Tree, Arkansas, and her and Dr. Keiser wanted to give Amber a chance at Timber Ridge. So in April 2009, my daughter went to Timber Ridge. I was so glad, I cried. Amber could not do anything like walk, talk, respond a whole lot at all. Now she is doing a lot of walking with assistants and talking more.

I would like to take this time to so thank you Timber Ridge; every nurse, doctor, staff that has done anything for my daughter. You all are very awesome people. I also thank God that AmberBefore_webya’ll gave my baby girl a chance. The whole entire staff at Timber Ridge are in my and Amber’s heart now and forever. Without ya’ll, she would still be in a nursing home.

I could name you person by person, but I will not do that. You know who you are like nurses, therapist, case managers, doctors, cooks, cleaning people. All of you do a wonderful job in my eyes. Pray God bless each and every one of you because without people like you, where would people like Amber be today? So thanks again for everything you have done and will do for me and my child.

Thank you!”