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Success Stories

Better Together: Twin Sisters, Katrina and Barbara, Credit NeuroRestorative for Helping Them Find Confidence and Self-love

Katrina and Barb had a challenging childhood, which caused both to deal with depression and mental health issues. They came to our NeuroRestorative Chicagoland Academy in 2019 to attend school in a supportive, therapeutic environment and be surrounded by children who were going through similar emotions and situations. Both sisters recently graduated from the program. As their own legal guardians, both decided to stay in NeuroRestorative’s residential and vocational program due to enjoying the supportive environment and progress they’ve both made. “Despite all the hardships, Barb and Katrina never gave up. I’m amazed at how resilient both can be. I’m so proud of Barb and Katrina’s accomplishments, thanks to their hard work and our great team,” said Camelia Botez, Program Director.

Katrina credits NeuroRestorative for where she is today. Having suffered for many years, she now is able to say she is happy and looking forward to her future. “I now enjoy life. But, I want others like me never to give up. No one is perfect, and life isn’t perfect,” said Katrina.

Barb and Katrina are focusing on the next step in their life, which they noted leads to living a successful life, college, and continuing to work on self-love. They both have goals to go to college and do what they can to give back to the community. They do that by volunteering at Feed My Starving Children, which provides meals for kids specially designed to assist in reversing and preventing undernutrition. “NeuroRestorative has not only taught me how strong and brave I am but also brought out a side of me and my love to help others and give back,” said Barb.

Barb and Katrina are planning on continuing to live together, getting an apartment once they leave NeuroRestorative.


Success Stories