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Success Stories

Bigger Plans: Brianna Sets Long-term Goals Following Therapy Success

In 2010, a vehicle hit Brianna Harmon, causing her to experience a traumatic brain injury. After being in the hospital for seven weeks, Brianna went to a rehab program but later transferred to our NeuroRestorative program in Ashland, KY, to help assist with helping her become more independent. She was unable to walk, had impaired speech, and struggled cognitively. After working with her many therapists in physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, and behavioral therapy, Brianna is now on track to live a full, independent life.

One of Brianna’s main goals has always been to get back to work. Brianna has enjoyed working at the vocational program, which has exposed Brianna to different types of work, allowing her to master new skills and find work-related interests. She has also spent her time volunteering at local businesses. We are proud to partner with local organizations that work with our individuals to help them find their passions and gain daily life skills.

Today, Brianna can walk on her own, has advanced her speech, reading levels, and mental health. Brianna has goals to go to college, start a family and wants to help people overcome struggles in their life, due to her positive experience in her counseling therapy at NeuroRestorative. “Counseling therapy has made me realize what I’ve overcome. I am so proud of how independent I’ve become,” said Brianna. We are proud to have the opportunity to serve Brianna. Every person we serve is unique, which is why we tailor our services to each individual, so they are given the opportunity to live a full, independent life. Because we believe everyone has the right to live well.

Success Stories