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Success Stories

Checking in with Romelia: NeuroRestorative Provided her With Services to Overcome a TBI and Become More Independent

Romelia was involved a vehicle accident in May of 2018, causing a traumatic brain injury. She was air flighted to a local hospital, was on life support for a week and hospitalized for over a month. When she woke, she didn’t know who she was and couldn’t recognize her family members. A few months after her accident, she came to our NeuroRestorative program in San Antonio, TX, to improve her skills and endurance by working with PT, OT, Speech and Cognitive Therapy, Counseling, and Daily Life Skills such as medication management and cooking, improving independence and safety in her day-to-day activities.

Over eight months in participating in specialized rehabilitation activities, Romelia was able to walk again, improved her socialization and reading skills, and worked at the local food bank with our vocational resources. Her goal from the beginning was to get back to work, and she was a fighter and did precisely that. We caught up with Romelia to see how she is doing today. Her journey is not over, but she credits NeuroRestorative for where she is today.

“Going to NeuroRestorative was the best thing I’ve ever done. My goal was to get back to work and into my community, and I did just that. Without their efforts, I would not be where I am today,” said Romelia. People don’t understand the daily struggles someone with a traumatic injury goes through. NeuroRestorative helped me a lot with my job and made sure it was a right fit for me.”

Romelia is currently working, attending local and virtual support groups, and enjoying life with her wife and mother. She is passionate about sharing her story in hopes that it may help others get the support and services they need live well. Use the QR code to watch a video Romelia sent in thanking NeuroRestorative.

Success Stories