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Employee Highlight: Michael Zavacky, Senior Manager of Workers’ Compensation Relations, NeuroRestorative

Michael has worked in marketing and the brain injury rehabilitation field for 20 years. As Senior Manager of Worker’s Compensation Relations at NeuroRestorative, Michael assists people in understanding our services and building relationships that enhance our partnerships and business opportunities nationwide. In addition, Michael works closely with our marketing teams to develop marketing strategies and education surrounding workers’ compensation funding. “In my role, I enjoy helping our teams build strong relationships. Knowing that I helped make connections resulting in injured workers’ receiving treatment and recovering from injuries at one of our programs is why I do what I do,” said Michael.

At NeuroRestorative, we have passionate teams dedicated to helping injured workers recover from their injuries and we have a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes for individuals along each stage of our continuum of care. We partner with workers’ compensation insurance companies to serve individuals recovering from work-related neurological and other catastrophic injuries. By including workers’ compensation case managers, adjusters, and other injured worker team members in treatment planning, our team is able to develop individualized programming designed to meet the injured worker’s needs, with the goal of returning the individual to work or productive activity.

Our comprehensive clinical continuum of care provides the flexibility to quickly move the injured worker to the most clinically appropriate treatment program, addressing skills essential for a return to productive activity.