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Success Stories

In-home Therapy Provides Ishaan and his Family with an Environment to Succeed

Ishaan was born three months premature. Due to immediate pulmonary concerns, he was intubated at birth. At six months old, he was placed on a tracheostomy and supported on a ventilator to assist with respiratory needs. He also received a gastric tube to assist with nutrition and gastro-intestine needs. He was in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit for 10 months. When Ishaan was able to go home to his family in Irving, TX, his parents were delighted to have him home but anxious about the care and therapy attention that he needed.

Having a child with complex needs and leaving the house to make therapy appointments can be challenging and time-consuming. That’s why Ishaan’s parents looked into in-home therapy options for Ishaan and were referred to our in-home skilled therapy services. NeuroRestorative provides support and care for children with complex medical and developmental needs from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Our licensed and specialty trained physical, occupational, and speech therapists were able to provide a personalized treatment plan for Ishaan to promote healthy functions within his family.

When Ishaan started our program he was not eating by mouth and was still dependent on a ventilator for breathing. He is now weaning from the ventilator but continues to rely on the tracheostomy for respiratory support. Today, Ishaan is two years old and is able to walk and interact with his family and therapists. He works with his physical, occupational, and speech-language pathologists throughout the week. With a focus on feeding techniques and skill development, Ishaan is now able to eat safely and is no longer reliant on tube feeding. Now, he is able to eat pureed foods and is exploring mixed textures, is vocalizing, energetic and has reduced his ventilator dependence to nighttime use only. He is now able to walk and climb on his own.

“It has been a joy to work with Ishaan and his family. Ishaan first started with us tethered to a ventilator learning how to roll, sit, and crawl. There were times during his therapy when he was resistant to learning new skills such as crawling and climbing but, with the help of our staff and his family’s commitment, he has overcome many obstacles. His family’s consistency with performing his home exercise program has been obvious as each time we introduced a new skill he has shown progress each session,” said Jennifer Vasquez, Physical Therapist.

“Ishaan is our first child, so it was overwhelming at first. But, having in-home therapy has been wonderful, and we’ve seen so many positive changes in Ishaan over the past year. The therapists show up well prepared and follow up with me on everything so that I can practice with him at home,” said Ishaan’s mother, Ridhima. “We are very grateful. I would recommend NeuroRestorative’s in-home therapy supports and services for any parents going through a similar situation.”

Success Stories