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Success Stories

Josh Howe Follows His Dreams as an Entrepreneur

In 2004, Josh Howe, 15, collapsed after experiencing a headache. Rushed to the hospital, doctors discovered a brain tumor, which had been growing undetected since birth, was the size of a plum that would’ve taken his life within hours. Josh immediately had surgery to remove the tumor, and his rehabilitation journey began. Josh had gone to various other rehab programs before joining NeuroRestorative’s Kennebunk, ME, supported living program in 2013, which he calls “heaven on earth.” Needing to work on his physical and mental health, our support staff put together a plan to get Josh back to his active life as an entrepreneur.

Now 33, Josh continues his physical and cognitive therapy at NeuroRestortative while running two businesses as a photographer and fisherman. Josh is passionate about nature and takes photos throughout Maine, creating notecards with his photographs, which he sells at a local market and on Facebook. He also makes and sells streamer flies for fishing and sells them at a local bait shop, Uncle Lunkers in Bridgton.

“NeuroRestorative has provided a nice comfortable, stress-free environment to live in. I love living here,” said Josh. “It took me years of rehab to get to where I am today. The best advice I could give to others is to live the best life you can. Accept yourself and live in the moment.” Josh has goals to expand both businesses and get his own apartment soon.


Success Stories