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Success Stories

NeuroRestorative Academy Supports Logan in his Journey to Independence

Logan came to our NeuroRestorative Clearwater Academy program in April 2022 from an inpatient neurobehavioral hospital. When Logan was seven, he started engaging in self-injury behaviors and aggression toward others. When he turned 10, it became very severe. Logan is nonverbal and has been diagnosed with autism with severe behavioral, social and cognitive challenges. Now 15, Logan has made tremendous progress, and his self-harm has dramatically decreased. “The program takes a holistic approach toward each individual’s health, safety, and well-being. Logan has retained his winning smile, charm, and personality,” said Logan’s father, Lennell.

Logan’s daily therapies include applied behavior analysis, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and life skills training. “Logan has made a very dramatic improvement since joining our Clearwater program. He is now attending school, goes off campus with his family when they visit, and sits with other students in the lunchroom. Our team has adjusted educational experiences and activities to ensure Logan’s learning is unique to him and helps to advance his skill levels,” said Gabriel Mazur, Ph.D., Clinical Director.

Logan’s family lives in New Jersey, and it was a difficult choice to enroll their child in an out-of-state program, but they are pleased with the decision. “I went to visit the program and saw the other students smiling and enjoying the environment. That meant a lot to me,” said Lennell. “I need to know I can trust you with my child and have honest communication. You get that here.” Lennell and the rest of his family visit Logan monthly and are very aware of and involved with his day-to-day.

Lennell is very passionate about helping families in similar situations and sharing his story and resources. We are very proud to provide Logan tools to become more independent and support his family throughout his journey.

Success Stories