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Success Stories

NeuroRestorative Provides Tommy with the Tools to Get Back to Work and Pick up Woodworking as a Hobby

Tommy Martinez suffered a brain injury and trauma after being shot at work as a store manager in 2020. After undergoing multiple procedures and when he was medically stable, it was apparent that he had cognitive and physical limitations. Following treatment at various other rehab centers, Tommy was admitted to a part-time day program at NeuroRestorative California’s Winways program in Orange, CA. Tommy participated in our comprehensive program, including cognitive therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, life skills training, and a vocational program that specialized in helping him get back to work. His focus areas in his therapy sessions were improving his: vision and memory, executive function, strength, right shoulder movement, controlling dizziness, and daily living skills.

In addition, due to his interest in returning to work and increasing participation as a husband, father, and Boy Scout volunteer, his schedule included study skills, woodworking, managerial scenario planning, and health and fitness. “As an Occupational Therapist, my philosophy of care is for those we serve to constantly engage in meaningful and purposeful occupations/activities during therapy sessions,” said Pamela Lew, MA, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist. ”With Tommy, I learned the importance of remaining flexible and giving him the space and time to explore what was meaningful for him. Once we knew he wanted to return to the same work-related position, our team shifted his therapy program to focus on pre-vocational training specific to that position.”

Before returning home, Tommy transitioned to utilizing our Interactive Telehealth Services to continue therapy in the comfort of his home until he was discharged from the program in June 2022.
“NeuroRestorative gave me hope and the skills I needed to move forward,” said Tommy. “I recommend everyone I know to NeuroRestorative. All of my therapies helped, especially the vocational activities like woodworking. It really helped in so many different ways.”

Although there are still challenges, Tommy is back to an active life and can walk and talk, and he is back working at the same company but in a different department. He lives a life motto of forgiveness and enjoys spending time with his family. He continues woodworking and making benches as he credits NeuroRestorative for providing the tools to find a hobby he is so passionate about.

Success Stories