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Specialized Rehabilitation Services for Veterans

Our specialized rehabilitation services and supports are designed to meet the unique needs of Veterans recovering from traumatic brain and spinal cord injury as well as other complex injuries and illnesses. In 28 states serving more than 6,000 people daily, our specialized teams of rehabilitation experts develop customized treatment plans that include an array of supports and services, including:

• Neurorehabilitation
• Neurobehavioral
• Transitional and Supported Living
• Substance Use Treatment
• Physical Therapy
• Occupational Therapy
• Speech-Language Therapy
• Nursing
• Subacute Medical care
• Career Development
• Counseling & Social Work
• PTSD Support
• Family Therapy
• Life Skills Training
• Health & Wellness
• Recreational Therapy
• Behavioral Analysis
• Neuropsychology

In addition, Veterans with brain injuries and other neurological challenges often struggle with depression and anxiety. Our programs, offered by the Veterans Healthcare Administration since 2010, provide specialized community-based programs that treat the whole person in order to achieve each individual’s goals for increased independence, safety, community participation, and enhanced quality of life. People who participate in our programs on average show:

• Significant decrease in severe and moderate depression and anxiety
• Increased functional independence & reduction in disability
• Lower inpatient readmission rates
• More active community engagement

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