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Team Member Highlight: Teri Hogan, Program Director, IL

Teri Hogan, MS, CRC, Program Director, has been with NeuroRestorative for over 30 years. She began her journey with our team as a Direct Support Professional and Team Lead, then moved to Residential Supervisor, Residential Operations Manager, Case Manager, and Program Manager before being promoted to her current role.

Starting her career as a direct care professional, she remembers feeling overwhelmed during her first few days, not knowing if she was the best fit to serve those in our care. In her current role, Teri is the Program Director for our NeuroRestorative adolescent program in Carbondale, IL. The memory of the beginning of her career has helped Teri find a passion for educating her team to ensure they have the tools to help them feel confident, compassionate, and educated in their role.

After recognizing that many of the individuals we serve have a significant history of trauma, Teri wanted to find training for the team that would give them a better understanding of what this meant and how to appropriately manage a trauma-focused crisis, specifically as it relates to children.

Teri enrolled in the Trauma-Informed Care and CPI® 4-hour training course online and an 8-hour in-person training. “The course taught me to look for possible incidences of trauma in the child’s history, how to be aware of how my actions can affect the outcome of crises, and added to the tools we are already provided in the typical CPI® classes,” said Teri. “It also gave me a broader understanding of how trauma can affect how a person acts or reacts to situations. For almost every topic they had, I could think back on an issue that occurred with a child and link it to the information I knew about their background. It gave me an idea of how to respond to crises to ensure that I don’t create trauma or further trigger past trauma.”

The course has positively influenced the team to look for additional ways to work with and inspire the children we serve, leading to more positive outcomes.