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Success Stories

Telling Her Story Through Art: Rachel, TBI Survivor, Uses Art to Heal

Rachel suffered a stroke three years ago at age 37, causing a brain injury. She was treated at a hospital for three months and then to a nursing home for four months, having to relearn how to walk, talk, and feed herself. Rachel’s mom took the initiative to get Rachel the support and services she needed to become more independent, connected with our admissions coordinators and transferred Rachel to our NeuroRestorative Lexington, KY, program.

Since joining the program, she has worked tremendously with her therapists on physical, occupational, and speech therapy and counseling. When She first started therapy, Rachel had difficulty with daily life skills such as communicating, walking, and usage of her right hand due to loss of mobility, but has proved herself to be a fighter, and is now able to live alone. “Rachel has been one of the most motivated people I have ever supported. She comes in each day ready to work hard and asks for things outside of therapy to help her rehabilitation,” said Leslie Atwood, MS/CCC-SLP, CBIS, Speech-Language Pathologist. “She started in our program three years ago, unable to say anything other than her first name. Now, she lives independently and actively gets involved in the community by volunteering. She is a true success story!”

Before her injury, Rachel was an avid artist, drawing detailed and animated animals and creatures. Today, she continues to create art but has taken a different approach, creating pieces symbolizing nature, peace and serenity. Her future goal is to start an Etsy shop featuring her pieces. She credits NeuroRestorative’s supports and services for where she is today. “I wouldn’t be where I am at today without my therapists. I am in my own apartment and advancing every day,” said Rachel.

Success Stories