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Success Stories

Unstoppable: Chris Mallette’s Recovery Back to an Active Life

At eight months old, Chris suffered a prenatal stroke while in his mother’s womb, causing some lifelong underlying health issues. In first grade, he fell and hit his head on the sidewalk, causing a brain injury and hematoma. He needed an emergency craniotomy and after surgery, participated in a variety of therapeutic programs. Eventually, in 2017, Chris was referred to NeuroRestorative’s Standish, ME program in the hopes that NeuroRestorative would help him become more independent.

Chris has worked on Occupational, Physical, and Recreational Therapy and attends counseling in our outpatient program. His goals were to get back to his active lifestyle, which he was able to do with the help of our dedicated care team. Chris currently works at a local hardware store as the System Administrator and Cashier. He enjoys woodworking, rock-climbing, kayaking, and biking. He is now advancing his education and certifications to get a position in cybersecurity. Chris credits NeuroRestorative for getting him back to doing what he loves in the community and continuing his education.

“I would be less successful without services provided by NeuroRestorative. My previous outpatient program didn’t offer as many options as NeuroRestorative,” said Chris. “My therapist(s) are willing to go above expectations to see me succeed. I don’t think I would be able to take high-level college-level courses and taking certifications without the support I get from NeuroRestorative.” At NeuroRestorative, we are proud to help serve people like Chris get back to doing what they love in their homes and communities.

Success Stories