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Manuel Diolazo Certified Nurse’s Assistant, NeuroRestorative California

Manuel is a stand-out employee. There is never a day that I have not seen a smile on his face. He is happy to be at work, and in turn, his smile/energy is infectious to the staff and individuals we serve. He always goes above and beyond. He respects himself as he is always well put together and professional, always on time to work.  He respects the individuals we serve as he is so kind. He stood out by staying over to help feed an individual we serve. He was playing his favorite music and singing to them. This was after a 12-hour shift.  Another time, he escorted a patient to a medical appointment. Recently, Manny has taken on helping us with maintenance. He is multi-talented, from taking professional photos capturing our parties to helping with IT. He is a breath of fresh air, and I would love to bottle up his positivity.