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Announcing the FY19 Q3 NeuroRestorative Heroes

NeuroRestorative Heroes is an employee recognition program that celebrates team members whose actions make them a hero to those we serve or their colleagues. Each quarter, the program recognizes six outstanding employees for their dedication to the individuals we serve.

At NeuroRestorative, we are proud to have an amazing team of employees working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of people with brain, spinal cord or medically complex injury, illnesses and other challenges. From clinicians to direct care workers to administrative support staff, everyone in the NeuroRestorative family plays an important part in ensuring the delivery of services that enhance quality of life. We strive to ensure all our employees feel valued, supported and recognized for the important work that they do.

“The NeuroRestorative Heroes program is a great way to recognize and thank our valued employees,” said Bill Duffy, President of NeuroRestorative. “On behalf of everyone at NeuroRestorative, I want to thank all of our passionate and dedicated employees and congratulate this quarter’s Heroes.”

Q3 Heroes 

Richard Brown

Rehabilitation Aide, NeuroRestorative California
30 years with NeuroRestorative

As a Rehabilitation Aide, Richard fills many roles in his service to the individuals we serve, their families and other caregivers. He came to NeuroRestorative with a background in body work and massage therapy and over the years has expanded his skills to include assisting with physical, occupational, speech language and cognitive therapies. Richard is dependable and reliable in any situation. During multiple evacuations due to fires and floods, he demonstrated leadership and a desire to ensure the safety of the individuals served by the program.

“Richard always has a kind word or keen observation to share with individuals and staff alike. He is a valued member of our family here at NeuroRestorative.” – Susan Hannigan, Program Director


Beverly Prescott

Life Skills Trainer, NeuroRestorative Florida
4 years with NeuroRestorative

For the past four years, Beverly has made a difference in the lives of many individuals. She encourages those she serves to pursue and meet their goals and has an unbelievable passion for caring for others. As an example of her kindness, she once gave up her Thanksgiving holiday with her own family so she could transport an individual to visit his family. One of her greatest skills is her natural ability to get to know the individuals we serve as people—their likes, dislikes, behaviors, health concerns and what makes them laugh or smile.

“Beverly is a true asset to the program. She takes great pride in serving and meeting the needs of every individual she encounters.” – Robin Heselton, Residential Supervisor


Theresa Rodriguez

Rehabilitation Technician, NeuroRestorative Texas
10 years with NeuroRestorative

As a Rehabilitation Technician, Theresa has a unique ability to connect with each individual she supports, making them feel special, supported and appreciated. With more than ten years’ experience, she knows what a difference this can make to an individual’s rehabilitation and goes out of her way to be compassionate and encouraging. Theresa does everything with a smile on her face and a helping hand. Her compassion for everyone in the Houston program is key to our ability to provide high-quality support to individuals with brain injury and other challenges.

“Theresa also maintains a great relationship with the staff by supporting, uplifting and engaging with them every morning when she walks in the door.” – Elizabeth McCord, Speech Language Pathologist


Kristin Clark

Team Lead/Life Skills Trainer, NeuroRestorative New Hampshire
4 years with NeuroRestorative

As a Team Lead and Life Skills Trainer in NeuroRestorative New Hampshire’s Hemlock Hill program, Kristin isn’t just here to do a job. She’s here to give the individuals she serves the support they need to reach their goals. She goes above and beyond to help ensure that they do. She often works overtime to help out wherever needed. She is the team member who picks up any shift day, night or weekend to make sure individuals get the care they need. As a result of her compassion and friendly demeanor, she has earned the respect of staff and individuals alike.

“All the individuals love and respect her, and she always has a big smile as soon as she walks in.” – Brianna Clark, Life Skills Trainer


Rhonda Melvin

Program Nurse, NeuroRestorative Illinois
11 years with NeuroRestorative

For the past 11 years, Rhonda has put the individuals served by NeuroRestorative Illinois first. She often works long hours to make sure they have the care they need. If anyone has a problem, she is the first person to help. Rhonda is one of the most passionate and dedicated people to work in the Carbondale program. She makes herself available around the clock for help, advice and mentorship to her colleagues. She is a source of encouragement for individuals in the program and a positive role model for others to follow.

“Rhonda possesses unparalleled personal integrity and character. She is always willing to extend a helping hand in order to assist with the work of others.” – Josh Stewart, LPN


Chamila Piyathilaka

Licensed Vocational Nurse, NeuroRestorative California
13 years with NeuroRestorative

Chamila is well known in NeuroRestorative California’s Garden Grove program for his compassion and helpfulness to others. He treats everyone with respect and is always willing to do whatever is needed to ensure that individuals, their family and staff have everything they need. Because he cares about their well-being and wants them to succeed, he takes whatever time is needed to listen to individuals’ concerns and educate them about their care in a way that is easy to understand and empowering. For the past 13 years, Chamila has made a difference each day for the people he serves.

“Chamila is a great example of our mission of ‘Rebuilding Lives, Restoring Hope.’” – Geraldine Pitts, Director of Nursing, and Elizabeth Ramirez, Assistant Director of Nursing