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Success Stories

A Story of Two Friends: Rodney and Daniel Transform Backyard into Garden Center

At NeuroRestorative, we are lucky to be able to provide people with the tools to become successful and find passion in daily activities like Rodney and Daniel, who worked with our team members at NeuroRestorative Siesta Key, FL, program, to transform the backyard into a garden center.

As spinal cord injury survivors, this work contributed to Rodney and Daniel’s physical improvements and has had positive mental impacts by providing purpose and happiness to their daily activities. Daniel saw such improvements at NeuroRestorative that he is now living back home with his family.

The NeuroRestorative Siesta Key, FL, program currently serves 28 individuals who enjoy the garden’s produce, including flowers, corn, chili peppers, and pineapples. “The program has allowed me to accomplish things independently,” said Rodney. In addition to working in the garden, individuals at the program are also involved in various other occupational and physical therapy opportunities to improve memory and daily life skills like fishing, kayaking, woodworking, and refurbishing old boats. The team at our NeuroRestorative Florida program in Siesta Key does what it can to personalize therapy plans and get individuals outside enjoying the outdoors. You can learn more from Dr. Chris Cockrell, D.P.T., Physical Therapist, on how he works closely with the Siesta team on personalizing care plans to fit each individual’s needs.

An accident resulting in a spinal cord injury can change your life forever; Daniel and Rodney and the staff at NeuroRestorative Florida’s Siesta Key Program demonstrate how including interests and hobbies in therapy programs can make a difference in the physical and mental outcomes of those in rehabilitation for a spinal cord injury. To learn more about our program, please call 800-743-6802.



Success Stories