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Bright Future Ahead: Kaitlyn Pushes Through Challenges to Become More Independent

Kaitlyn lights up every room she is in and motivates those around her to be their best selves. She is determined and takes on challenges like a pro. Yet, as a young girl, Kaitlyn has struggled with her speech and performing various tasks. Her parents looked for supports that would help their daughter, so in 2015, they turned to Advanced Therapy Solutions, now operated as one of the NeuroRestorative family of services. Cindy Savage, Kaitlyn’s mother, wanted to help Kaitlyn to become more independent and communicate better with those around her and her family. “NeuroRestorative has allowed Kailyn to take a more active role in making her own decisions,” said Cindy. “I always felt that it was really important for Kaitlyn to articulate better so others can understand her. Having a speech therapist has helped her in many ways, especially her confidence. Even the little milestones make a difference.”

Kaitlyn currently meets her speech therapist, Dawn Sukis, MS, CCC/SLP, a few times a week, and all agree, this has helped her progress tremendously. Kaitlyn has expanded her writing, reading, and expressive and social language skills. She can write short letters, read and write texts on her phone, and search the internet when she has a question. “Kaitlyn is persistent and never seems to fear something that might pose a challenge. Her interests continue to expand, and she is always asking questions so that she can do on her own,” said Dawn.

Kaitlyn has a passion for sports and music. She was involved in her school’s Special Olympics team – baseball, swim, cheerleading, basketball, and track in high school. Not only was she involved in athletics but also clubs like Girl Scouts and United Sound, playing the baritone. In January, Kaitlyn marched the Rose Parade carrying her instrument the entire 5.5 miles – it was a huge accomplishment for her and her family. Kaitlyn recently graduated high school and has goals of getting a job in the restaurant industry and becoming an actress.

At NeuroRestorative, we are proud to be a part of each child’s journey to becoming more independent. If you have any questions on our clinic-based or in-home therapy supports and services, please give us a call at 800-743-6802.

Success Stories