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Success Stories

Christina’s Recovery Story and How She Found a New Passion Following Her Injury

Christina Medsker, 21, sustained a closed diffuse axonal brain injury following a car accident in December of 2021. This injury is characterized by a rapid forward or backward movement similar to shaking of the brain that causes bruising and tearing of brain tissue and blood vessels. After being released from the hospital, Christina attended several rehabilitation facilities before being referred to our NeuroRestorative Fresno, CA program.

When Christina first started the program, she was primarily focused on memory and getting movement back in the left side of her body. Her therapy team created an individualized care plan focusing on cognitive, physical, recreational, and speech therapy. “During my initial assessment with Christina, she did not demonstrate any movement or follow any commands,” said Stacy Chaffin, PT. “For our first week of treatment, I focused on improving her alertness and tolerance for upright positioning by using a tilt-in-space wheelchair for supported sitting and a tilt table for supported standing. Over the weeks, as Christina improved, she often concluded our time together with, “Thank you – I appreciate you.” It was an honor to work alongside Christina and her family during her rehabilitation.”

Christina is now back home and doing well. She has big goals and is taking courses to become a dental assistant, a passion she found following her brain injury. “The best advice I would give to someone going through something similar is not to give up,” said Christina. “The road to recovery will be hard, but there is still hope.” Christina recently stopped by the program to visit, and all of the therapists were delighted to see the recovery she has continued to make. We are proud to be a part of Christina’s story and others like her to become more independent, find a passion, and get back home and into their communities.

Success Stories