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Embracing Trauma-Informed Care: A Journey of Curiosity and Compassion

Scott Kruczek, Director of Training and Development

Scott’s journey into the realm of trauma-informed care (TIC) began long before the term itself gained widespread recognition. With a 30-year career in human services, his curiosity for understanding and aiding those with diverse needs has been constant. Growing up, Scott says that he was inspired by childhood observations of the struggles encountered by individuals with developmental disabilities and psychiatric disorders, which ignited a lifelong commitment to empathic caregiving.

“At its core, trauma-informed care hinges on the fundamental principle of understanding the individual, including their past experiences (positive or traumatic). Recognizing the profound impact of trauma on an individual’s capacity to engage in therapeutic relationships is paramount for effective care. This understanding serves as the cornerstone of my approach to caregiving, guiding me through various roles and settings,” said Scott.

Scott goes on to explain, “My experience as a Sr. Behavior Specialist with a New England provider and then working at NeuroRestorative as a Case Manager and Director of Operations deepened my appreciation for concepts held within TIC. Witnessing firsthand how early life experiences shape behavior reaffirmed my belief in the transformative power of compassionate understanding. Rather than dismissing behavior as “inappropriate,” I learned to embrace it as an opportunity to gain more knowledge about the person.”

As a trainer in Crisis Prevention and the Qualified Brain Injury Support Provider (QBISP) program, Scott finds fulfillment in teaching the principles of TIC to new caregivers. By providing them with the framework to be curious in an attempt to understand individuals and their challenges, he strives to foster a culture of empathy and support within the caregiving community.

“Scott brings such a heart-of-service approach to training and trainer development. His leadership by example exemplifies the inclusion and equality of all people served by NeuroRestorative’s specialized programs. He truly inspires in others what he expects in others in working with people served. I couldn’t think of a better person I could ask to train the principles of trauma-informed care.” -John Belcher, CPI Territory Account Manager.

Scott Kruczek was recently awarded Meritorious Instructor Status by CPI® at a ceremony in Indianapolis, IN. Less than 2% of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Certified Instructors have achieved this distinction. NeuroRestorative congratulates Scott on this well-deserved recognition of his commitment to advancing training for NeuroRestorative colleagues.

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Pictured: Scott, CPI Founder AlGene Caraulia, and his son AlGene Caraulia, Jr.