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Success Stories

NeuroRestorative’s Vocational Program Helps Estasia Find a New Purpose Following a Spinal Cord Injury

In July of 2007, Estasia Sweat, 45, was hit by a moving vehicle, which caused her to experience multiple psychological and physical injuries, including a spinal cord injury. After spending time in the hospital, Estasia went home and was referred to our Ann Arbor, MI, program in 2015.

Estasia’s care team put together an individualized care plan to work on physical, occupational and psychological therapy after suffering depression for many years. One of her main goals was self-development and peace, which she has found while working at our vocational program in Novi, MI, four days a week. Estasia helps write newsletters, assemble projects, do research/computer work and make blankets for sick children.

NeuroRestorative offers a safe and supportive environment for individuals who wish to develop or regain vocational skills in some communities. Our caring and specially trained staff help address the behavioral, cognitive, emotional, physical and social challenges following an injury. Using work as a therapy treatment opportunity, we have created a unique therapeutic work setting to ensure that individuals have the support necessary for success. Each work assignment varies in cognitive and physical complexity. This variety allows us to customize work to each individual’s ability level and provide an appropriate progression of challenges while accommodating physical needs and creating an ergonomically supportive work environment. Individuals earn a competitive hourly wage as they complete a variety of assignments throughout the day.

By exposing individuals to many different types of work, they master new skills, boosting their confidence. Estasia went back to school to get her master’s in general studies. She is passionate about telling her story and plans to write a book on her story one day. Her family, especially her granddaughter, is a big motivator for her growth. When asked how NeuroRestorative has helped her overall, Estasia replied, “NeuroRestorative has the best program, hands down. You need to find your true self. In time, your mind and body will catch up.”

Success Stories