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Receiving Telehealth Therapy in the Comfort of Her Own Home: Tracy’s Recovery Back to an Active Life

Tracy, 51, suffered a TBI that occurred due to a fall during a seizure. Tracy had difficulty with short-term memory, daily living tasks, low self-confidence, and decreased community involvement following her injury. Wanting to get back to an active life, Tracy and her family searched for a program to help her feel like herself again.

Living in a smaller Kansas community with fewer resources, Tracy selected NeuroRestorative to receive Teletherapy two times a week. From the comfort of her own home, Tracy can work with her therapist on strategies and reminders to help with daily tasks such as medication management, cleaning, cooking, exercising, etc. She also attends a virtual monthly brain injury support group hosted by a Clinician at NeuroRestorative, which aims to bring community and learning opportunities to individuals with brain injuries and their families.

“NeuroRestorative has helped me make decisions like getting ready to go on a trip, planning, reminders around the house, medication management, and even making notes to remember to wear a mouth guard at night. It’s helped me realize how to live independently,” said Tracy.

Because of NeuroRestorative’s assistance with improving her communication skills, Tracy has been active in her community, spreading TBI awareness to local businesses by making signs and contacting the Independent Living Center to have a float in the local parade. “Sometimes, people with TBI feel unimportant and excluded. By raising awareness, I’m hoping to help others with TBI feel heard and included,” said Tracy.

Tracy also recently checked a significant goal off her bucket list—to visit rescued elephants at the Sanctuary in Oklahoma with her kids, which she helped organize the trip and is something she is very proud of.

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Success Stories