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Success Stories

Susan, Artist, Has Success at NeuroRestorative Massachusetts Program

Susan, 69, joined our NeuroRestorative Massachusetts program in 2023 and has since consistently progressed tremendously in regaining her independence. Susan noted, “I’ve learned that independence is not a negative. It’s a positive. The best way to grow is to believe in yourself.”

In 2017, she suffered a traumatic brain injury from a fall. Following her accident, she was hospitalized for six weeks, where she began learning to talk again and regaining some mobile functions. She was then discharged and received care at numerous rehabilitation programs but wasn’t content with her progress. That’s when Case Manager Liz Lauzon talked with Susan and recommended she receive care at NeuroRestorative.

Before her injury, Susan was a well-established artist with a gallery on Cape Cod. Throughout her career, she worked with Tiffany’s, Saks on Fifth Avenue, Cartier, Harley-Davidson, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, to name a few. Since joining NeuroRestorative, Susan has not lost her passion for the arts. Susan draws both as part of her rehabilitation program and to continue a hobby she has always loved.

Over the holidays, Susan designed NeuroRestorative’s holiday cards, which were distributed to team members across NeuroRestorative to send to referral resources, families, and friends. This spring, she plans to do another round of drawings to distribute across the organization.

Susan’s story is one of many that occur every day. Individuals who experience a TBI defy the odds and rise above adversity with the help of a supportive family and team at NeuroRestorative, who help provide each person with the tools to become independent in their daily lives and community.

Success Stories