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The Expert Corner: Dr. Jennifer Doble, MD, Medical Director, NeuroRestorative Clearwater, FL

As the Consulting Medical Director, Dr. Doble brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in diagnosing and specialized rehabilitation of individuals recovering from traumatic brain and spinal cord injury. Over the years, she has managed many people suffering from substance abuse and addiction. Board Certified by the American Board of PM&R, Dr. Doble specializes in Brain Injury Medicine and Spasticity Management. She is also Board Certified in Brain Injury Medicine. Dr. Doble completed her Internal Medicine, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residencies at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital and the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor. She received her medical degree from Brown University Medical School in Providence, Rhode Island. She has a passion for teaching and the ability to speak in layman’s terms on complicated diseases and Brain injury medicine.

“Rehabilitation of the injured worker is both challenging and rewarding,” said Dr. Doble. “It’s a team sport, that’s for sure. From Trauma ICU to inpatient rehabilitation to home and vocational reentry, the coordination of care and collaboration of mutual goals is essential. Many of these workers are catastrophically injured in falls, construction equipment accidents, explosions, and, now more commonly, gunshot wounds to the head. We are getting better every year at assisting injured workers through the continuum of care by avoiding medical complications and anticipating the needs of the workers and their families.”

“Our job in rehabilitation is to help put these lives back together, and, if possible, back to work adds an extra challenge to the rehabilitation team. Neurobehavioral challenges from brain injury and mood disorders can make returning to work a stretch, but not necessarily impossible. We have seen some amazing success stories, and that’s what keeps us going. A motivated worker who wants to get back to their job is what makes us so proud to be a part of their journey.”