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Veterans and Military Services

NeuroRestorative offers services and supports to address the challenges that may result from a brain, spinal cord or medically complex injury or other challenge, including post-traumatic stress disorder, cognitive, behavioral and emotional changes, physical challenges, and family disharmony. Our programs blend traditional therapeutic interventions within an innovative, active treatment, goal-oriented model to produce identifiable and sustainable outcomes. We offer both subacute and post-acute care for Veterans.

Services & Supports
Neurorehabilitation programs use active rehabilitation to maximize neurological recovery. Individualized functional goals are designed to help people with TBI return home to their communities, and back to work or school.

Neurobehavioral programs provide rehabilitation for people whose behavioral issues prevent them from accessing more traditional rehabilitation options or integrating successfully into the community.

Specialized Community Living programs focus on maximizing an individual’s quality of life, encouraging them to practice and generalize the skills they have developed in earlier stages of the rehabilitation process and facilitate learning through real life experiences. Services are provided in transitional and long-term community living skills in a home-like environment within the fabric of the community.