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Elizabeth Madrigal Physical Therapist Assistant, NeuroRestorative Texas

Liz has been treating a three-year-old with CP since 2020. She had helped to progress functional skills beyond the “anticipated prognosis.” In August of 2022, while ambulating with family in the community in his gait trainer, he was struck by a delivery truck in a parking lot. After that, he began experiencing a decline in function. Liz knew something wasn’t right. She advocated for additional imaging, and when that was cleared, she encouraged Mom to seek out a second-opinion and a medical team who would listen to her concerns and spend time figuring out what was truly wrong since he was still declining. His new care team made a proper diagnosis.   His family is now happy to report it’s like “seeing a whole new kid.” He is pain-free, active, and participating in play as every three-year-old should!