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Treatment Team

150_FL_Avalon_Staffatdesk2As Specialists in rehabilitation for individuals with brain, spinal cord and medically complex injuries, illnesses and other challenges, the NeuroRestorative treatment team is focused on empowering individuals to achieve their potential through a continuum of outcome-driven, community-based rehabilitation programs and specialized supports. From administrative staff and clinical evaluators to behavioral specialists and physical therapists, our staff offers a range of expertise to ensure that all aspects of an individual’s rehabilitation goals are addressed. Each member of our rehabilitation team brings a specific set of skills, and collectively they provide an array of quality services and compassionate care for the individuals we support and their families. The make-up of an individual’s clinical team and the services they provide depends on each person’s specific treatment plan but may include the following roles:

Case Manager
Our case management professionals provide overall support for each individual’s program, ensuring that all service objectives are met and that all members of an individual’s team are providing the highest quality care and support. Case Managers also serve as liaisons between the individual, treatment team, funding representatives, and families as well as facilitate discharge planning.
Admissions/Funding Coordinator
An Admissions Funding Coordinator coordinates and manages all participant benefits and communications prior to admission to facilitate a smooth entry for each individual as well as for their case managers and families.
Clinical Evaluator
Clinical Evaluators help provide opportunities for individuals to access NeuroRestorative’s programs and to perform clinical evaluations to determine initial treatment goals and eligibility.
Medical Directors
Our Medical Directors provide direction and consultation related to the individual’s overall medical and health services.
Our nursing staff specialize in NeuroRehabilitation and monitor, coordinate and deliver nursing services including medication and treatment regimes, as well as nutrition.
Behavioral Analyst
Our Behavioral Analysts provide comprehensive assessments and work to develop behavioral plans and therapy to meet an individual’s rehabilitation goals.
Speech and Language Pathologist
Our Speech and Language Pathologists provide assessments and therapeutic interventions that address individuals’ communication and language skills and development of skills to compensate for memory and executive functioning skills.
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapists provide functional assessments and therapeutic interventions to improve mobility, balance, strength and endurance.
Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapists (OTs) provide functional assessments and therapeutic interventions to improve self-care skills, safe performance of activities of daily living and the development of fine motor skills needed for independent living. OTs also assess and train for the use of specialized adaptive equipment needed to increase safety and independence.
Our neuropsychologists specialize in assessing brain-behavior relationships, assist in treatment planning and in recommending alternative higher level executive functioning and behavioral strategies to enhance one’s functional abilities.
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Our Vocational Counselors evaluate past vocational and educational performance and current vocational skills. The Vocational Counselor works to identify areas of interests and capabilities to assist in vocational and educational placement and success.
Rehabilitation Therapist
Our Rehabilitation Therapists serve to assist in vocational, behavioral, case management, or other services in accordance with an individual’s rehabilitation program and treatment recommendations made by the clinical team.
Education Specialists
Education Specialists provide educational services to adolescent program participants in NeuroRestorative’s specialized school settings as well as in other community-based settings. Education Specialists develop and implement Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and work with the adolescent’s home school for transition.
Therapeutic Recreation Specialists
Therapeutic Recreation Specialists provide assistance with planning and managing leisure activities and coordinating community resources.
Life Skills Trainers
Life Skills Trainers provide direct daily living support for the individuals we support. As front line support, they provide training and supervision and assist individuals in practice therapeutic activity and recreational and vocational opportunities every day.