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Admissions Process

At NeuroRestorative, we want to help families, case managers and other professionals choose the very best care for individuals they support. We accept referrals for individuals  of all ages who may benefit from our services. Our expert staff can help answer any questions you have, whether you are looking for:

    • A sub-acute environment that comprehensively treats pulmonary or medically complex challenges or that is able to support individuals in minimal states of consciousness
    • Community-based residential rehabilitation programs
    • In-home support
    • Other treatment options or supports that meet the individual’s unique needs

If we don’t have the answer right away—we promise to find it! We take pride in our customer service skills and create collaborative partnerships to make the admission process as easy as possible. We are funded by a variety of commercial, public and private funding sources. Our team of Clinical Evaluators & Referral Coordinators have experience working with a range of funding sources and organizations.