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Read about a mother whose daughter is a participant at NeuroRestorative Timber Ridge following an ATV accident. When her daughter arrived at our program she could not walk or talk. Now so much has changed for the better

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I could not have been happier with the support and treatment Chase received. After 4 weeks on the in-patient program, he was moved to the outpatient program. I am so happy to say after five more weeks on the outpatient program he was discharged back to home and work. Chase was able to return to his job without any restrictions. The Staff at NeuroRestorative gave my husband the resources and tools he needed to get his life back to normal.

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My family, “Team Damon” Muriel, Darlynn and myself Donna are very happy with the services received for my brother Damon at NeuroRestorative. I have had many occasions to drop into the Delran day program and have been very impressed with the commitment to the persons served by the staff. Each staff member recognizes each person served by name and works with that person according to their strengths. They are attentive and dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the clients.

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With a positive attitude, lots of hard work, the support of the VA and the experts at NeuroRestorative, Doug Padgett and other Veterans with TBI are able to live more independently. Former Marine Corps Sargent Doug Padgett looks down at a small computer in his hands and moves his fingers across the touch screen, searching for the keys he wants. He finds the button he is looking for and grins proudly at his mother, Sue Ann, as the machine says “I love you.”

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