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Jonty Constant-Dunkley Life Skills Trainer and Team Lead, NeuroRestorative North Carolina

Jonty is a significant asset to NeuroRestorative North Carolina as a Life Skills Trainer and Team Lead.  The individuals she serves describe her as always going the extra mile and being receptive to their requests.  It does not go unnoticed that she treats each of them with kindness, respect and patience.  Jonty also consistently goes above and beyond for her peers and those she supervises.  Her commitment to supporting the individuals and families served by NeuroRestorative is evident in the care and passion she applies to the work she does each day.

“Thank you for the job you do and for your relationship with me.  Remember, you are my Hero,” said a participant at NeuroRestorative North Carolina.

“She goes the extra mile to be sure I’m cared for,” said a participant at NeuroRestorative North Carolina.