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Laura Hofer Supervisor Speech Therapy , NeuroRestorative North Dakota

Laura was tasked with leading a project in which she organized a major CEU event for pediatric SLPs in our region. Once given the project’s parameters, she ran with it, demonstrating dependability, creativity, problem-solving, forward-thinking, and growth. Growth in the content of the information taught helped our SLPs expand their skill set in the area of Childhood Apraxia of Speech, a topic often left uncovered in general curriculum or practice but predominant in the field.  Laura also demonstrated and modeled the value of inclusion by including not only our Pediatric Partners speech pathologists from our five clinics, but extending the invite and collaboration across our other pediatric region partners of Sage from TX and ATS from AZ so that their employees could join virtually for this training event. Beyond that, the invitation was extended to universities and even some future and former employees whom we’d like to see join us again in the future.