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Announcing this Quarter’s NeuroRestorative Heroes

NeuroRestorative Heroes is an employee recognition program through which we celebrate employees whose actions make them a hero to those we serve or their colleagues.

At NeuroRestorative, we are proud to have an amazing team of employees working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve with brain and spinal cord injuries and other neurological challenges. From clinicians to direct care workers to administrative support staff, we strive to ensure all our employees feel valued, supported and recognized for the important work that they do. That is why we created NeuroRestorative Heroes, an employee recognition program designed to celebrate employees whose actions make them a hero to those we serve or their colleagues.

Each quarter, we recognize one NeuroRestorative Hero from different NeuroRestorative programs. NeuroRestorative Heroes is open to all NeuroRestorative employees, and co-workers, supervisors, participants and other community members are encouraged to submit nominations. This quarter, we are proud to recognize staff members who are not just dedicated employees, but true advocates for the individuals we serve.

“The NeuroRestorative Heroes program is a great way to recognize and thank our valued employees” said Bill Duffy, NeuroRestorative President. “On behalf of everyone at NeuroRestorative, I want to thank all of our passionate and dedicated employees and congratulate this quarter’s NeuroRestorative Heroes.”

 Q3 NeuroRestorative Heroes:

Elizabeth Lauzon, Case Manager, NeuroRestorative, Massachusetts

Elizabeth’s (Liz) standard of going above and beyond is the norm.  She is involved in every aspect of our participants’ lives, from the day she goes out to clinically evaluate them for placement to the actual move in day.  Liz jumps right into all aspects of the participants’ lives once they are in our programs and does so without any hesitation.  She wears many hats – a transportation provider, a counselor, a fill in Residential Supervisor, but most importantly a consistent advocate.  She utilizes her vast array of contacts and skills to obtain necessary resources and appointments and goes out of her way to prepare activities for enrichment of our participants’ lives.  When she isn’t bettering the lives of the TBI participants that NeuroRestorative serves, she is doing work for the Brain injury Association to seek assistance for other individuals with TBI.

“What exactly does one say to describe one of the most genuine, compassionate and understanding human beings I have ever worked with in over 20 years?  Well you could start with she’s “a diamond in the rough” or that “they broke the mold when they made her.”  I simply say Liz is an absolute asset to the company, her coworkers and the participants served.  I know she makes my job easier, is a vital part of my team and enriches the lives of all those she comes in contact with,” said Mike Perkins, Program Director, NeuroRestorative Massachusetts.

Colleen McDaniel, Senior Payroll Coordinator, NeuroRestorative South Region 

Colleen works diligently to ensure employees are paid correctly and timely.  She never complains, always has a smile on her face and is known for her willingness to help her coworkers.  Both of the employees who nominated Colleen noted one particular situation as a shining example of her passion and commitment.  When a colleague’s illness kept her out of work for several weeks around the winter holidays, Colleen did not hesitate to step in.  She worked holidays, nights and weekends to ensure that not only her responsibilities were taken care of, but also those of her ill coworker.  This meant that 1,000 employees were paid as expected at this crucial time of year.

“While Colleen does not work directly with participants, she is always there to help and support those employees who do by ensuring they are paid correctly and timely – and to those folks, she truly is a hero,” said Paula Hutcherson, Business Manager, NeuroRestorative Florida.

“Colleen exemplifies the generosity and selflessness that makes NeuroRestorative such a great company to work for.  We take care of people with brain injuries as a matter of course, but we also take care of each other in small ways that support the caring culture of our business from the ground up and from the inside out,” said Robin Buck, Business Analyst, NeuroRestorative Carbondale.

Robert Russell, Quality Assurance Analyst

Robert began his career with NeuroRestorative as a Life Skills Trainer working with our adolescent participants.  Never without a shortage of new and innovative ideas, Robert has excelled beyond expectation in his role on the outcomes team since 2013.  He developed the dashboard database system that is used to teach programs, secure funding and demonstrate the great care NeuroRestorative provides each day.  Robert understands the demands that programs face and is able to assist staff by helping manage their data for improved outcomes.  All of his work is completed knowing that reliable outcomes allow the company to ensure that our programs and specialized facilities are well equipped to effectively treat individuals with brain and spinal cord injuries.  His commitment to quality results in outcome measurements to help both our payors and families assess what is working to guide adjustments and ensure the best care possible for those we serve.  To pay it forward, Robert trains interns from Southern Illinois University and provides countless hours to the betterment of students at all levels.

“Robert’s expertise and idea generation continue to make NeuroRestorative’s data systems the best in the industry.  It is fair to say that everyone in NeuroRestorative knows Robert.  When he meets you, he touches with his heart and ideas.  Robert is what heroes are made of,” said Dr. Horn and Dr. Lewis.

Tami Shouse, Physical Therapy Assistant, NeuroRestorative Kentucky

Tami has been dedicated to her work as a Physical Therapy Assistant supporting our Louisville program, but also travelling to two other programs in Kentucky whenever extra support is needed, for the past 6 years.  She is a great source of encouragement for participants to try their best in therapy sessions.  Tami consistently promotes healthy living by taking participants to an offsite garden where they grow cucumbers and tomatoes.  Her work has resulted in several participants weaning off of walkers and canes to independent ambulation.  Each year she plans the ever popular “Adventure Camp” at Camp Crooked Creek which includes activities such as archery, art, music, canoe rides, fishing and more.  She never forgets a birthday and ensures that both the participants and her co-workers feel special on their birthday or other occasion.

“Tami remains focused and always encourages her participants to do their best in all of their sessions.  She truly exemplifies a hero in our eyes,” said Spring Buchanan, Occupational Therapy Assistant, NeuroRestorative Kentucky.