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Announcing this Quarter’s NeuroRestorative Heroes

NeuroRestorative Heroes is an employee recognition program through which we celebrate employees whose actions make them a hero to those we serve or their colleagues.

At NeuroRestorative, we are proud to have an amazing team of employees working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve with brain and spinal cord injuries and other neurological challenges. From clinicians to direct care workers to administrative support staff, we strive to ensure all our employees feel valued, supported and recognized for the important work that they do. That is why we created NeuroRestorative Heroes, an employee recognition program designed to celebrate employees whose actions make them a hero to those we serve or their colleagues.

Each quarter, we recognize one NeuroRestorative Hero from different NeuroRestorative programs. NeuroRestorative Heroes is open to all NeuroRestorative employees, and co-workers, supervisors, participants and other community members are encouraged to submit nominations. This quarter, we are proud to recognize staff members who are not just dedicated employees, but true advocates for the individuals we serve.

“The NeuroRestorative Heroes program is a great way to recognize and thank our valued employees” said Bill Duffy, NeuroRestorative President. “On behalf of everyone at NeuroRestorative, I want to thank all of our passionate and dedicated employees and congratulate this quarter’s NeuroRestorative Heroes.”

 Q4 NeuroRestorative Heroes:

Renee GreenRenee Green, Case Manager, Referral Coordinator, NeuroRestorative, Arkansas, Texas, and Tennessee

Renee is a tireless worker who goes above and beyond the scope of her job on a daily basis. Her dedication often shows in her relentless pursuit of funding and services for those she serves. The extra mile is familiar territory to Renee, and she has gone as far as packing a bag and staying at the office during inclement weather when she had several admissions the following day. It is Renee’s dedication, quality of work, and fantastic attitude that make her a NeuroRestorative Hero.

“Renee is dedicated to the company and completes her work with a smile,” said Gary Graham, Clinical Evaluator, NeuroRestorative Timber Ridge.


ChristianChristian Oropeo, Life Skills Trainer and Team Lead, NeuroRestorative National Capitol

Christian is a tremendous asset to NeuroRestorative National Capitol as a Life Skills Trainer and Team Lead. Christian is an early adopter of new techniques and voluntarily takes the time to show the benefits to her co-workers. She recently took the initiative to create a new, interactive, internet-based scheduling system for her peers. Rather than waiting to be asked, she volunteers her skills and knowledge to the betterment of her co-workers, participants, and supervisors.

“She is a natural leader, with integrity and a caring heart. The program is better for her efforts,” said Carolyn Mancuso-Seagraff, Program Director, NeuroRestorative Maryland.


Jennifer KubiakJennifer Kubiak, Avocational Assistant, NeuroRestorative Pennsylvania
Jennifer and Elizabeth are recognized for their joint act of heroism.

Jennifer truly exemplifies what it means to be a Hero. One of her co-workers recently suffered cardiac arrest while at work. Without hesitation, Jennifer immediately came to his aid, assessed the situation, and called for assistance. She then gave life-saving rescue breaths while a co-worker provided chest compressions for over 10 minutes until emergency medical staff arrived. Jennifer’s selfless act of courage and level-headed decision making are an inspiring example to those around her.

“She is AMAZING, and always so nice,” said Mariah Brizuela, Life Skills Trainer, NeuroRestorative Pennsylvania.

“Jennifer and Beth performed with a calm professionalism despite the emotional turmoil of trying to save a friend and colleague,” said Wayne Gardner, Team Lead, NeuroRestorative Pennsylvania.


Beth SpriegelElizabeth Spriegel, Clinical Director, NeuroRestorative Pennsylvania
Elizabeth and Jennifer are recognized for their joint act of heroism.

Beth epitomizes leadership in all that she does. When one of her co-workers recently suffered cardiac arrest, she calmly provided direction to all in the room. She then gave chest compressions for over 10 minutes and utilized an automated external defibrillator until emergency personnel arrived on-site. Beth accompanied her co-worker to the hospital and stayed several hours to provide support and assistance to the family. Her heroic actions contributed to saving her co-worker’s life.

“Elizabeth helped not only to save her co-worker’s life that day, but she also gained the utmost respect from her staff,” said Danielle Spencer, Team Lead, NeuroRestorative Pennsylvania.