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Individuals Served by NeuroRestorative Maine Advocate for the Needs of People with Brain Injury

Members of NeuroRestorative’s Standish Clubhouse visit the Maine Statehouse with BIAA representatives and Governor Janet Mills 

Earlier this year, individuals served by NeuroRestorative Maine testified at a state legislative hearing regarding the need for individuals with brain injury to have stickers for their state-issued identification cards, stating that they have experienced a brain injury. Following this hearing, the state legislature passed LD 49, requiring that the state make the stickers available. The stickers are designed to make members of the community such as law enforcement and first responders aware of an individual’s injury, which may result in communication, behavioral or other challenges.

“NeuroRestorative applauds these individuals for their self-advocacy,” said Bill Duffy, President of NeuroRestorative. “Educating legislators on the needs of people with brain injury is vital to eliminating the barriers they face in the community as they return to day-to-day living.”

In recognition of their advocacy on this issue, the individuals were recently invited to the Maine Statehouse to commemorate the signing of another bill, LD 297, drafted to strengthen brain injury resources.

The individuals who attended the signing are served by NeuroRestorative’s Standish Clubhouse in Standish, Maine. The Clubhouse is a participant-driven day program structured around meaningful work. The first of its kind in the state, the program offers community engagement, relationship building, productive activities, pre-employment and education support for individuals with brain injury to help them integrate back into the community.