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NeuroRestorative Welcomes 1,000th Person Served Residentially

On January 10, 2017, NeuroRestorative admitted our 1000th person served residentially on one given day.  The commemorate the event, Brett Cohen, Chief Operating Officer, The Mentor Network, shared the following letter with staff and shareholders.  

I am writing to share with you a great milestone achieved by NeuroRestorative, which welcomed its 1,000th person served in a residential setting this week.  The individual came to our Avalon Park location in Florida from his home state of Michigan. On behalf of Bruce, myself and the senior team, congratulations to the NeuroRestorative team for making this happen.

Coincidently, as I sat down to share this news with you, a heartfelt appreciation letter about another NeuroRestorative program in Florida came across my desk.  It was a letter from a daughter in Alabama who had very little hope for her father’s future before he arrived at a NeuroRestorative home in Clearwater:


“My father’s life has completely turned around in the few years at Clearwater…. The difference was immediately evident during my first visit a few weeks after his transfer—his mood and attitude were completely opposite of the frustration and depression we had become accustomed to…. His overall health is dramatically changed…. The transformation is absolutely amazing! The Clearwater staff has been instrumental in keeping us engaged and informed and teaching us to be more involved and responsive in dad’s care.…We are so grateful to have the support of NeuroRestorative Clearwater and I would absolutely recommend this facility for anyone in need. You are truly life changers. Thank you!”


I share these successes with you not because there is any magic to the number 1,000, or because appreciation letters are rare, but because of what they represent—how far we have come in serving individuals with brain injuries over a relatively short period of time. It wasn’t too long ago that Specialty Rehabilitation Services (SRS) was a small part of what we did—a specialty population supported in small pockets of the company. Since starting from a strong foundation in Carbondale Illinois, NeuroRestorative has expanded to 21 states, implemented the industry standard in post-acute brain injury outcome measurement tools, and become the leading national provider of post-acute specialty rehabilitation services for people with brain and spinal cord injuries. This is thanks to the hard work and commitment of so many people. It is a testament to all we can accomplish, and worth celebrating.

These successes are not unlike great work being done all over the company every day, and we should do more to acknowledge and celebrate it. In that spirit, I didn’t want to let this milestone pass without recognition and appreciation.

Best wishes for more stories of hope and exceptional quality care in 2017.

Best Regards,

Brett Cohen and Bruce Nardella