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A day in the Life of In-home Therapist, Nancy Estes, SLP

Born and raised in Texas, Nancy Estes decided to stay in her home state for college and attended Texas Woman’s University, where she received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in speech. Knowing she was passionate about caring for others, Nancy joined Sage Care in Dallas, TX, now part of the NeuroRestorative family of programs as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Nancy has a love and passion for caring for children and a particular interest in feeding therapy. “In-home therapy allows kids to be comfortable, leading to better progress. We spend hours during the week and weekend developing activities and getting items so therapy plans are individualized for each kid,” said Nancy. Ever wonder what a typical week looks like for an in-home therapist? Nancy gives some insight:

  1. Wakes up at 6 am to get ready for the day. Will take time to exercise in the morning or after work
  2. Starts work at 8 am. Typically does 6-8 visits a day, totaling around 36 visits per week, Monday-Friday
  3. Usually, will see a child twice a week, but some do once a week
  4. In-home visits typically end around 3 pm
  5. Reflects on the day, takes notes, and plans for next day

“A consistent schedule is better for families because they get used to therapy at certain times. I also provide families with a monthly calendar with my therapy times as a friendly reminder,” said Nancy. “I believe every child has amazing potential, and it is my job to give 110% effort when I work with them to help them achieve it.” Thank you, Nancy, and all of our therapists at NeuroRestorative who go above and beyond to care for those we serve and their families!