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Success Stories

A New Outlook on Life: Tracy Continues to Work Towards Her Goals

Tracy Morison came to our NeuroRestorative Lawrenceville, NJ, program in December 2020. Tracy was experiencing short-term memory and physical challenges following a cryptogenic stroke. Before coming to NeuroRestorative, Tracy was in a nursing home. Tracy’s family wanted a program better suited for Tracy’s success.

“We chose NeuroRestorative because it was clear that it would be a good alternative for Tracy. Our goal was to get her to be functional and to take care of herself again,” said Bill Karnuk, Tracy’s father. “We connected with Andre Kerr, Clinical Evaluator, and he made a tremendous effort to get her in the program.”

Tracy is paralyzed in her right arm and leg and has challenges with her speech. Tracy expressed to the NeuroRestorative team that her main goal was to be independent and live at home. The care team work with her on basics like washing, dressing, meal planning and other skills to prepare her for a more independent life in the community. “Tracy is a determined individual who is working towards her goal to become independent where she can access the community as she once did,” said Andre Kerr, Clinical Evaluator.

Tracy’s strength and determination are helping her make progress. “Tracy has greatly improved on her speech and independently uses her strategies within a conversation to better connect with others,” said Speech-Language Pathologist Karin Fortin. Her father has noticed a positive change, too. “Her outlook on life has improved,” said Bill. “She has a whole new meaning to life. My advice to others going through something similar is to not give up and to keep doing what you can do. Access the available resources.”

Success Stories