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Carl Suffers a Stroke, Graduates from NeuroRestorative’s Tyler, TX, Program and Joins the team as Maintenance Director

Carlton Hogan came to NeuroRestorative’s Tyler, TX, program following a stroke in 2018. When Carl got to NeuroRestorative, he had no use of his right arm or leg, had impaired speech, and could not walk. With his therapy team’s help, Carl made considerable strides in his therapy, allowing him to get back to an active life at home, his community, and join NeuroRestorative as Maintenance Director for our Houston, Tyler, and Garland programs in Texas.

After only a few months of therapy, Carl noticed his progress. Carl’s therapy team worked daily with him on physical, occupational, and speech therapy, especially his fine motor skills. His team made sure to incorporate his career goals into his therapy sessions, such as walking up and downstairs and on ladders. “Part of my job was to help him improve his speech quality, but the biggest part of my job was to help him identify and acknowledge his deficits,” said Kristy Easley, Speech Language-Pathologist. “Once he began to acknowledge that he had to use new strategies to support his areas of weakness—he began noticing errors on his own and was able to make corrections independently.”

After graduating from his program, Carl joined a support group that Kristy puts on through NeuroRestorative for individuals who have been discharged from the program or are from the East Texas community. Having known his extensive background in the building maintenance industry, Kristy mentioned the open maintenance director position at NeuroRestorative. Carl applied and got the job. In his current role, Carl oversees the maintenance and repair duties of our various programs in Texas. Whether it is changing light bulbs, electrical repairs, or building maintenance—Carl is there to get the job done well. We’re proud to have Carl on our team.

“Be patient. Work the program and do what the therapist tells you to do. No matter your opinion on what they have you do—just do it. Everything helps. The therapists have your best interest, and everything is necessary. Trust me.”

Read Carl’s story, which was featured in the Tyler Morning Telegraph Newspaper: East Texas cancer, stroke survivor recovers, works for the company who ‘saved his life’

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Success Stories