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“Damon Robinson has been at the NeuroRestorative Program since February 2012.

My family, “Team Damon,” Muriel, Darlynn and myself Donna are very happy with the services received for my brother Damon at NeuroRestorative.

I have had many occasions to drop into the Delran day program and have been very impressed with the commitment to the persons served by the staff. Each staff member recognizes each person served by name and works with that person according to their strengths. They are attentive and dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the clients.

We have on occasion required special request for Damon, and each team member did due diligence to make sure that the request was being honored.

Damon, when he returns to the Browning residence, is always met by staff with a smile for the days end. Damon is very content when we leave him and usually waves us off in a hurried “good-bye.”

It does our heart a great comfort to know that Damon is in a home where he is cared for as if he were home.

Thank you NeuroRestorative staff, we appreciate the work that you do and could not do this without your continual support!!!

Muriel, Darlynn and Donna
Team Damon