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Success Stories

Danny, Army Veteran, Excited to Get Home Following His Therapy Success

Danny Smalley moved a lot growing up with his dad. He remembers being by his side, helping him with various work projects. Danny always looked up to his dad. When he turned 18, he followed in his father and brother’s footsteps, enlisting in the United States Army. After four years, Danny resided in Texas and began a career as a contractor, again following a similar career path of his father’s. Danny was a man of many trades, working on several different kinds of building projects, including siding, roofing, window installation, and more. He lived a happy, active, simple life – just as he preferred it.

In 2021, Danny contracted COVID-19, which landed him in the hospital for several months. His underlying health conditions caused his body to become weak. Unable to walk on his own and perform daily tasks, he was referred to our NeuroRestorative Tyler, TX, program. Danny participates in our residential program, working with physical and occupational therapists daily.

“Danny has diligently learned how to orient himself, which has decreased his confusion and allowed him to focus on his lower body strength. He graduated to a cane recently and we often find him giving his seat up for other individuals or trekking back from his room with snacks for everyone. It’s our honor to care for such a vital and strong veteran such as Danny Smalley.” – Danny’s Therapists.

Danny has always remained positive and is a bright light for those around him, always wearing a smile. He is very determined and has made it known that he will never give up. “You just need to keep going. Keep pushing. I am not a quitter, and I wasn’t going to become one. I knew I was going to go home,” said Danny.

Success Stories