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Employee Highlight: Scott Kruczek Honored by The Crisis Prevention Institute®

For over four decades, NeuroRestorative has been dedicated to ensuring that our care team members are well trained and provided with the tools needed to best support people recovering from brain injury. Our investment in certification programs such as the Crisis Prevention Institute’s® (CPI) training, allows NeuroRestorative to provide evidence-based de-escalation and crisis prevention approaches and techniques that focus our staff on the care, welfare, and safety of the people we support. NeuroRestorative’s robust training program for all staff is a big contributor to our quality outcomes.

Recently, Scott Kruczek, Director of Training and Development with NeuroRestorative, was awarded Meritorious Instructor Status by CPI® at a ceremony in Indianapolis, IN. Less than 2% of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Certified Instructors have achieved this distinction. Over the last 25 years, Scott has inspired thousands of students and employees in Crisis Management, providing specialized certifications to teach Dementia Capable Care and Autism Spectrum Disorder, Advanced Physical Skills, and Trauma Informed Care best practice techniques. As a Master Trainer, Scott also works to coach and help other trainers ensure that all staff are well-prepared and supported to serve program individuals. As Lu Sutherland, Vice President of Quality Improvement, states: “Scott can engage and teach people in a manner that leaves them craving even more guidance from him. He is always willing to jump in anywhere and do whatever is needed to provide those we serve and staff with all they deserve.”

NeuroRestorative congratulates Scott on this well-deserved recognition of his commitment to advancing training for his NeuroRestorative colleagues.