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Making Huge Strides: Braidyn Gets Excited for School in the Fall

Madisyn Rick is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist who works with children ages 2-13 who may have Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome, ADHD, emotion dysregulation, and developmental delays. She is currently providing support services for Braidyn, 7, who started services with Pediatric Partners, now known as NeuroRestorative. In 2019, Braidyn came to our program to receive the resources and support he needed to improve his social skills, speech, fine motor, and behavior.

This past year, Braidyn accomplished a huge goal – starting kindergarten. Braidyn and Madisyn worked together for many months to prepare him to attend school, working on social and listening skills, environmental skills, writing, etc. By the time he was ready to attend school, his fine motor skills were all age-appropriate and he was ready for the school year. “Somehow, Madisyn always seems to find a way to connect with Braidyn,” said Braidyn’s mother, Ceara. “The difference in his capabilities has been like night and day. He’s grown so much. I used to be nervous for the future, but now I know there’s nothing he can’t do with the right guidance.”

Today, Braidyn’s speech has advanced tremendously and can accomplish tasks for a more extended period. He is looking forward to starting first grade in the fall and asks regularly, “can I go to school?” Madisyn is very proud of Braidyn’s accomplishments over the last few years. “I am happy I was a part of making his transition to school a success. Not only that, but school is now something he is excited about. I am excited to see his continued growth and success,” said Madisyn.

We are proud to be a part of Braidyn’s journey. If you have any questions on our supports and services, please call 800-743-6802.

Success Stories